About Me

Bonjour! And welcome to my personal corner of the internet.


Have you ever dreamed of something so big, it seemed out of reach? Like so far out of reach that it might as well be a pipe dream? Well, I have.
My husband and I decided that because I have dual citizenship we should take advantage of that and give our kids the culture and lifestyle that I grew up with, just not in America. We have been to France a couple of times, my husband more so then me, crazy right? Currently, we are putting our ducks in a row  to make the leap halfway around the world.
​It will be the craziest and most wonderful thing I have ever done. And I want to share all of it with you guys.

​So, what is this crazy little blog about?
​Well, I want to share with you my daily adventures with life. I will be sharing how I manage real life, traveling, products and so much more.
​This blog will highlight all the things I love, such as dancing, my husband, my family, my venture into photography, bloggers who I love and support, and writing. Cause I love writing!!!

​​I do hope you join me on my adventure and you enjoy the ride as much as me!
​Contact me here: christina@christinasaysthings.com