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5 Things I love about Oregon

I know that I talk about the Pacific Northwest like it is going out of style, but I realized I hardly talk about the actual state that I live in. In the better part of a decade that I have lived here I have not once mentioned all the amazing and wonderful things that really make this place special.

If you’re a fan of Grimm, sure you’ve seen a few things or heard a few names like Beaverton, or Tillamook or Mount Hood. But that show only gave a tiny glimpse into the wonder that is Oregon.

  1. St. Helens.
  2. Yeah I said it. Most people seem to not think very highly of this little town but to me and my family, St. Helen’s is the cutest thing ever. They are rebuilding their water front so I am sure it will become even cuter. Anyway, every year my family and I run north to this sweet town to experience Halloween Town. At first we thought the town could do so much more then what they did but the more we made Halloween Town apart of our Halloween tradition we realized it really is for the kids. And what a treat it is. Looking through the eyes of my three year old, St. Helen’s transforms into this fairytale place with haunted houses, sticky treats and a whole lot of kids in costumes. Mind you St. Helen’s is a fairytale in itself, which is why (I think), films like “Halloween Town”, and “Twilight” (to name a few) were filmed here.
  3. Tillamook. Two words my friends. Cheese Factory. Mind you there is so much more to Tillamook then the cheese factory but yes that was what brought us this quaint little town. That and to escape the heat! The town is so cute with little sights to see that date back to the Oregon trail days. You can see old railroad artifacts, The Tillamook Forest (this was mentioned and probably used a lot in “Grimm”. Oh and the beach-the reason for our pilgrimage! The beaches in Oregon, I find, are amazingly clean and not overly crowed. To boot they are just a nice relaxing place!
  4. Portland-The city. The bridges. The filming locations of “Grimm”, and the fun things you can do indoors! That’s right, indoors. Why? Um, it is the Pacific Northwest and this is Portland. When it rains we don’t run and hide! No, we play mini golf in doors and under black lights! If you are like, what and if you like pirates check out Glowing Greens here! Oh and the food. I personally love the food carts that are scattered all over the city, a cluster of them are always at the Saturday markets or at Pioneer Square. I have too many favorites to mention! One of my favorite places to eat is at Deschutes Brewery, yes it is kid friendly. Check it out here.
  5. The weather. I know it rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest, which I love, but there is more than rain here. For instance the summers are pretty mild, and the winters….Well if you not me then you are not going to LOVE the winters here. But I will say this, it is a lot better than most places. Most of the time, you don’t get knee deep snow storms.
  6. Last but not least! Portland. Yes I said it twice. I love exploring this city. I usually take the public transportation into town and explore on foot. (Something I would have never done where I lived before.) The city is not like any city you have every explored before. There isn’t an alarming about of people that makes it suffocating. There are plenty of shops and wine. Plus, a diverse selection of food! Check out here to see all the things you can do in the wonderful city that is Portland!

There you have it, a list of some of the things I adore about Oregon. There is a lot more, but we will talk about those another day.

Until next time!


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