5 Self-Care tips for Everyone

As many of you already know from my previous post My Own 30 Day Challenge; which you can read here , I have decided to make a major heath change. Why?

Well, not all of us are Gilmore Girls where we can eat anything we what that didn’t come out of the ground and still look like a six foot tall model. No, some of us are short girls with a natural curve to her that is desperate to expand. And some of us are diabetes prone. Like myself.

Update on my own challenge, since I have stopped eating simple carbs, and less sugars(added not natural), I feel better and I have dropped a few pounds. Which is good because right now I am suffering from a nasty chest cold I have been unable to workout like I want to.

Which now brings me to my topic at hand; self care.

What is it?

Well I will tell you.

Self care is when you do just that, care for yourself or self. You don’t think twice about getting your mom or child some medicine. Nor do you think twice about stoping at the store to pick something up for your partner when they are in need. The silly thing is if we are going to neglect someone it is usually ourselves.

Take me for instance, I never buy myself medicine. In fact my husband practically orders me to buy it, or take it. Often times I tend to wear myself out with chores or other things, all while suffering from a migraine, chest cold or whatever. Usually this makes my cold or migraine last way longer then necessary. It is not uncommon for me to have a cold for about a month or longer. Why?

I don’t take care of myself like I should, and that is bad!

So what is one to do?

Well, I will tell you! Here are a few tips you should do when taking care of yourself.

  1. Do something you love! Sounds simple right? I love to read and often do it, or try to. I have learned over time to slow down and actually make time to do this. And why not? I enjoy it, I love the solitude of it and the adventure. I even made a spot in my salon-or living room-where all I do is read. Now, before your eyes stop rolling, my living room is not that big. All I did was add a comfy chair and good lighting. It isn’t much but it is mine little corner. Let me tell you that is a lot, especially in a house full of boys!
  2. Take a minute to do nothing. -So often our culture is to go go go. Take the kids to this practice, eat somewhere crappy, rush our way through traffic to make it somewhere we are late to, complain we have so much to do, blah blah blah. I have found in my own life that taking a moment or an hour to do absolutely nothing is gratifying. About as gratifying as spending a few minutes doing your favorite thing. The hard part about this is NOT thinking about all things you need(or think you need) to do. For instance, laundry will keep. Dishes will still be there, just breath and rest. At least for an hour! I think your mental health will thank you.
  3. Take a stole. You chose the neighborhood you live in for a reason, right? Well you might as well enjoy it. Take a walk around the neighborhood, enjoy the air. In the long run your mental state will thank you. Why? I have heard and read many times over the years that walking can clear your mind, and reduce stress. In addition it is something you can do by yourself, with friends, or with family. And, as an added bonus, it is considered cardio!!!
  4. Decompress from work! If you asked me which one of these was a must if you were going to only do one, it would be this one! You need to let work go when you walk through the door of your house. What ever isn’t done or left over will wait until tomorrow. Turn off your phones, stopping looking at social media, don’t get on a computer and check your email. If you have the kind of job where you have to be in constant communication with your job, schedule at least an hour off. You need a break, you should have a break, and you need a moment for you. We have no work-life balance. We love to say we don’t work to live. But we do. Otherwise why do we have to have our kids in five different sports throughout the year? If fine or large motor skills are important to you one sport will do! Let your kid decide. If you have to volunteer some place do it, but does it really need to be more then one? Two maybe, but anything more then that and your straining yourself. Especially, if you have kids.
  5. Do something creative, that you enjoy! Personally, I love love knitting. I can do it anytime, anywhere. And now that I have wooden needles I can knit on the plane. Well, on some airlines. These days you can learn pretty much anything off of youtube, if your didn’t learn something in school. So if you don’t have a creative hobby get one! Not only does it help you decompress, but it helps you to center yourself. For me finishing a difficult knitting project makes me feel good. It also inspires me to be more creative and more willing to try new things. Which gives me serious anxiety. Trust me on this one though, get a creative hobby!

So there you have it some tips that you can use everyday, with our without buyings something. I do hope you take the time to enjoy some self care, life is about enjoying things, not with our noses to the grind.

Until next time friends.


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