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4 Ways to Creating a Successful Blog

4 ways to creating a successful blog

Creating a blog is fun, and it is hard work. Sometimes you get in the middle of writing something and you feel it’s stupid or you wonder if anyone will read this. I often think “Who is going to care about my blog?”

So, if you are anything like me, you do research on how to create a successful blog.

You wanna know what I found? Well, keep reading. 

I found everyone was saying the same damn things! I also found that the only way to make money was to tell people how to make money! (And charge them).

Sure the advice might be useful but the amount of information and blogs that claim they can get you to where you need,  is just recycled advice.  I am sure that if you actually used some of what they are saying you might actually find you have a successful blog. One thing I do not like about these “helpful” blogs is they like to show you their Google Analytics. The screen shot of this information is a huge, “See my advice works.” When you see that and read what they have to say, be leary. Just because they are getting over ten thousand views in a week means a lot of things. I could mean they can sell a good game, they actually offer good advice, or they are selling workshops that explain to you how to get those views.

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Here is the advice that I think actually works, and doesn’t cost you more money.

  1. Hard work- no matter how you look at it, you have to work. Putting in time and effort into your blog is going to go a long way. People will see that too. You just can throw a picture or two along with a few words thinking that people will find what you say riveting and helpful. No, you have to do research and put in time.
  2.  Write well- this one is obvious and always on the top of everyone’s list. Along with writing about things people want to read about. Well, duh. However, at the end of the day you have to want to write about what you are writing about. So write like no one is reading. I guarantee the more you put your heart and soul into it, someone will read it.
  3. Use social media- Again Obvious. Using social media-at the right times- can be useful and at the same time frustrating. You have to dig for the hashtags relevant to your content, no biggie. You also have to post at the earliest time in the morning, cause that is when people look at their Instagram and twitter, and you have to post again when most people get home from work. Cause that is another time most people check their social media. Honestly, and she isn’t paying me, the best advice I found was from the blog “Helen in Between”. She has very useful information and if you follow the link here you will find a handy kit to help you get started. If you look further, she also has information that is quiet useful on when to post on social media. 
  4. Work with other bloggers-If you are anything like me and you’re a bit of an introvert this can be quite challenging. But you should try it. For the sake of overcoming a challenge. Contact bloggers who write about the same content you write about, work with them. Learn from them.

So there you have it. Simple ways that can help you create a successful blog. I do want to point out that the advice that is out there isn’t bad and it might actually work you, you may need  to sift through it to figure out if it works for you.

If you have anything you’d like to add let me know. I am sure there is something I can learn!

Until next time.





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