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10 Favorite Things to do When it’s Raining


When you live in the Pacific Northwest like I do, then you become accustomed to rain. If you enjoy the heck out of it like I do then you don’t find it to be gloomy like everyone else. (seriously not a sun fan! However, even for someone like me who loves the heck out of rain, it can be pretty boring. You can curl up wearing your favorite sweater or blanket with a great book or jump on to your favorite streaming network and binge watch a show or two, but there is so much more you can do!

So embrace the day throw on your pajamas (again), and think of this as time to connect with yourself and really really spend time with those you have to live with, I mean love.


  1. Read a book-the obvious. Of course you don’t have to stick to your favorite genre. EXPLORE. a good mystery on a rainy day makes for an exciting afternoon, or how about a good romance. I myself get embarrassed reading those kinds of books, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, so I usually have my kindle charged! HA. A book or too that I might suggest is “The Snowman” by Jo Nesbø or one of my favorites “The Seventh Woman” by Frederique Molay. If those are too much for you or you want something light hearted “Souless” by Gail Carriger.  Of if you’re into adult fiction I really like Becca Fitzpatrick. She wrote the “Hush Hush” series and another favorite “Black Ice”.
  2. Watch “Gilmore Girls”. Again duh! Streaming your favorite shows or blasts from the past like “Dawson’s Creek” If you have kids this might be a little hard, but hey that is what YouTube is for. Trust me, I have two boys, and Youtube is like catnip!
  3. Make Yourself a bubble bath.   Remember that episode of “Friends” when Chandler takes a bath? Monica sets it up for him, and he tries to recreate it but fails. Well, my friend you will not fail. Cause you’re not in a hurry. If they kids are taking a nap, which they should be! Then you can take your time and create the mood. Light some candles, drop that big ball of bath salt into the tub and if you don’t have any of that stuff well you can make your own bubble bath. (If your kids don’t use Mr. Bubbles don’t worry!) You can click on this link to Hello Glow for recipes.  (She has a few. Or just look below, this is from Live Laugh Rowe .

    Homemade Honey Bubble Bath Recipe:

    1 cup baby oil
    1/2 cup honey
    1/2 cup hand soap or shampoo (preferably unscented)
    1 tablespoon vanilla extract
    plastic squeeze bottles

    In a bowl, add the oil and stir in the remaining ingredients until well blended.  Pour mixture into plastic squeezable bottle.  Be sure to shake before us, as ingredients will separate and settle a bit in the bottle.

    Yields two 8 oz. bottles.


  4.  Make a Fort- if you have kids you have to entertainment them. At least until nap time! Gather up sleeping bags, sheets, blankets whatever. Have lunch in the fort, sort of like a picnic. This is a Kodak moment!
  5.  Make some cookies. This is another obvious one! The smell alone is worth making cookies!
  6. Learn a Language. I am sure everyone has started learning a language. Ok, perhaps it was in high school but now is a good time as any to brush up. While learning it you can also think about a vacation to the place whose language you are learning!
  7. Workout or do some yoga. Now is the time to get a really good work out in, or do some relaxing stretching so you can release some stress. Perfect to wear you out for when you take a nap with the kiddos.
  8.  Watch the rain. Here in the Pacific Northwest we LOVE our coffee. So make yourself a good cuppa coffee or some tea and watch the rain. Maybe light some candles and just enjoy.
  9. Cook. Make a meal your  inner 1950’s housewife would be proud of. If you’ve ever wanted to make a roast, make a roast. If you have ever wanted to make homemade bread (and you just happen to have yeast hanging around) make some bread.
  10. Last but not least: Go outside and make a splash. If it isn’t too cold then grab your rain coats and go burn off some energy. When I lived in New Orleans I used to love going for a run in the rain. The water splashes on your face and cools you instantly. Your kids will have fun, especially if they have rain boots they can wear to jump into puddles. Afterwards, you can head inside for a nice cuppa coco or Irish Coffee. (wink)


A rainy day doesn’t have to be met with a frown. You can turn the wettest day into an adventure or just a day for you to relax.

What kind of things do you like to do when it is raining?

Until Next time!




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